Our consulting team consists of professionals with extensive experience in our own very specialized area. They are professionals with the ability to simultaneously use terminology and concepts from various disciplines such as marketing, statistics or computer science. It is a highly skilled team.


Our team is composed primarily of statisticians and mathematicians with specialized training in data mining with an eye to customers, and extensive experience in applying these disciplines to the changing world of marketing.

Computer Technicians

Like the aforementioned teams, our Information Technology staff is comprised of very experienced professionals in technology, but with a focus on the technological applications in the marketing and sales world. This is no small feat when you consider the huge gulf between the two spheres.

Multichannel Managers

Our team of Multi-Channel Managers are professionals who have the opportunity to maintain contact with our clients or users. Whether by phone or email, they are the ones responsible for personal and direct relations with the client of the brands we work for. A key position.