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Marketing Database

Designing and creating a database to serve marketing and/or business purposes is no small task. We've spent years doing this job and continue to be surprised by new needs that there was no way could have previously foreseen.

As a common denominator we seek to create Databases designs, with our clients as the main focus, which enable us to:

  • Gain a unique view, in a centralized data repository, of the client.
  • Allow for monitoring and follow-up of contacts maintained with clients, based on the history of the relationship.
  • Provide main support for analysis tasks prior to the making of Marketing decision; definition of targets for marketing actions, segmentations, cross selling, etc.
  • Increase knowledge amongst the target public in order to boost the efficiency of marketing actions and the capture of new clients through prospecting techniques.
  • Measure results from the new investments made in marketing actions.