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Data Integration


When the information available on a consumer is limited to its identity (e.g. name and address), there arises a need to add more data allowing us to create a broader profile. This information used to add customer data can be obtained from two sources:

Primary Sources: We turn to primary sources when it is the individual, customer, potential customer or consumer who provides the information that allows us to perform qualification. These are marketing activities that include questionnaires or surveys with the necessary information, and can be obtained through various channels, such as the Internet, telemarketing, email, post, etc. With one or the other we seek to learn know more about their family environment, lifestyles, consumer preferences, buying habits or any aspect of their behavior that allows us to best tailor the sales proposal.

Secondary Sources: These are sources of information available on the market, public or private, that can help us by providing data that enhance individuals’ profiles. It can be statistical information, geographical, typologies of a market company, etc.