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Data Integration

Extraction, Transformation and Loading

The first step to obtain data usually begins with tasks of extraction, transformation and loading. Known as ETL Processes (Extract, Transform and Load) they can be carried out with or without ETL tools, as needed. In any case it is very important to make the greatest effort to make them automated processes.


The data to be extracted may have very different origins: it may be data from Computer Systems with transactional information on customers; data from areas of contact with the customer, such as customer service or the corporate web; or from the marketing area.

In some cases these sources generate information in electronic format, but there are cases where information is generated in a physical format (coupons, questionnaires or forms) which must also be extracted.

They all are very important and should be analyzed and addressed, as we should not miss any opportunity to gather information on customers.


he data as received is generally not useful for CRM purposes. First it must be transformed, validated and homogenized, which is carried out through the application of business rules and transformation procedures.


When the data has been transformed and validated it may be incorporated into the CRM data model or its equivalent.