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Support for ad-hoc queries

Let’s imagine a typical situation with one of our clients. Suppose they make the following request of us: "To know the number of impacts that I have to carry out I’ll need to know the number of customers corresponding to the central area who have used product x, indicated a preference to consume in Category C, and were not subject to seasonal impact (June, November) actions as part of our loyalty program in the last two years. Ah! and if the figure is over 8,000 we should not select in order of product consumption, in accord with the attached list."

A request of this type involves a set of questions (queries) to the database we call “ad-hoc” because they are necessary for a particular action and may be difficult to repeat the same way in the future.

These are no trivial exercises and require us to have a lot of practice in order to perform them correctly. At Neuronics work highly-experienced professionals expert at such situations who ably employ the necessary algebraic systems, which might appear simple but can be very difficult for those who are not used to working with them. We do it all for you.