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XPRIME is our Auditing and Data Cleansing Product

We make a great effort to acquire the highest quality data because this will determine the validity of the information we acquire and the knowledge that we draw from it. Thus, the tasks of data filtering and cleansing form part of our core business.

As a result of this approach, we count on Xprime as a product, consisting of several applications and modules that have been developed after more than 10 years of development and continuous improvement, benefitting from all the experience gained by our experts:

  • Data analysis: Provides Audit reports on the status and quality of data. This module facilitates auditing work, streamlining the process by loading the files to be audited in the System and providing automated results.
  • Names: allows us to handle, separate, assign gender and improve name and surname assignments.
  • Normalizes: Allows us to normalize address names such as cities and roads, homogenizing them. This allows us to add essential geographical statistical information and facilitate the duplicate identification process.
  • Deduplicates: Detects duplicates in a Database and resolves them, consolidating the information into a file and interfiles, yielding a Database that is based on individuals or households.
  • Companies: Allows us to normalize and standardize business’ trade names and Tax ID Numbers while maintaining their different business addresses.

For more information on our XPRIME Auditing and Data Cleansing solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.