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Glove is the logistical control system developed by Neuronics to address the logistics information needs of marketing campaigns.

Even the best relationship or loyalty program is doomed if it does not get the simplest details right. If the best deal with the best message and the best creativity comes at the wrong time, it will be useless. In fact, in some cases it may even be counterproductive.

Aware of the importance of these details, and to assist our clients, Neuronics relies on its GLOVE tool.

With GLOVE we have managed to address apparently trivial but fundamental needs and to solve logistical problems for Marketing and Sales areas. Whether it is to control and manage communication material or used in the sales channel, GLOVE allows our client to “forget about” the problem.

It is a tool with various modules:

  • Reference Sign-ups, Drops and Modifications.- Maintenance of all kinds of creative elements.
  • Production Orders.- Pieces which have been ordered for production, and their quantities.
  • Business Management.- Suppliers, printers, agencies, etc.
  • Generation of Transport Orders. What was sent, when, and to whom? Sometimes marketing and sales areas need help in order to respond to these questions with precise data.
  • Warehouse Stock. What material do we have, and how much?
  • Reports and statistics.

If you would like more information on our GLOVE Logistical Control System, don’t hesitate tocontact us. We will be happy to assist you.