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The values which best define our activity and commitment to our clients are:


The most important thing for our clients is the knowledge and information on their customers or users. Thus, Neuronics employs all of its experience in order to take the greatest possible care in the handling and security of this information.

This is our primary value and our first priority, as we deliver the greatest solidity and security in the technological sphere in which our customers’ data is found.

Client Focus

Our approach revolves around customers, as we are convinced that any organization must take this approach in order to survive. We begin to apply this principle, in which we firmly believe, in the relationships we have with our own clients.

At Neuronics it is our view that the real focus of all our activity should be upon our clients, as we tailor our processes, organization, efforts and talents to best respond to the services they require.


Offering tech-based commercial and marketing solutions calls for the utmost flexibility. For us technology is a tool, not an end in itself, and solutions must be fully tailored to our client's business, incorporating response capabilities and maximum agility.

Inconformity and Continuous Improvement

At Neuronics we firmly believe that a company’s survival depends upon resisting conformity and consistently striving to advance in all areas that can be improved.

In this area we highlight our insistence upon quality data. It is almost an obsession. Without the correct data we cannot build a relationship.

Attitude Towards Errors

More than human errors, we believe that there are processes which need to be reviewed and improved. In fact, every time a situation of this type arises it is an opportunity to review the process and revise it in order to make it less prone to errors in the future.


Our approach to our relationship with our clients and, as a result, to CRM, is based on an integrated perspective of information which allows for the construction of coherent relationships. Thus, to a large measure our efforts and experience are aimed at helping our clients to integrate data in order to better serve their customers and consumers.